So, you want to become a licensed physician in the US?


American Northwest University partnering with Kaplan Medical to get you the highest quality of education and to help you achieve your career goals.

Kaplan have helped students and physicians across the globe prep for their exams for more than 40 years.

It will take you at least three years to complete a US residency program. You will also have the exams to take beforehand. While it is a long, difficult journey, you are not alone. International Medical Graduates (IMGs) comprise 25% of the US physician workforce.*
Our step one course prep is:

USMLE (The United States Medical Licensing Examination) Step 1 (Basic Science Examination) Preparation Options:

Option 1: Step 1 Plus Prep (All Inclusive), live in person lectures will be offered at Geomedi:  260+ hours of Live in Person Lectures by Kaplan’s US Based Faculty for Step 1 covering basic science· subjects:

o Anatomy

o Behavioral Science

o Biochemistry

o Immunology

o Microbiology

o Medical Genetics

o Pathology

o Pharmacology

o Physiology

Individual study kit for Step 1 with 7 volumes of lecture notes:

  • 12 months of unlimited access to 200+ hours of Step 1 On Demand (online) web based lectures
  • 12 months of unlimited access to Step 1 QBank (online question banks) that provide 2,200+ Step 1 practice questions
  • Full explanations and performance summary 7 discipline level assessment tests with 350 USMLE style questions total
  • 2 full length simulated exams
  • 2 Diagnostic exam
  • Institutional Reporting