American Northwest University School of Medicine is a faculty dedicated to providing its medical students with quality education on a global platform. This is attained via professors with a diverse clinical background in a variety of countries spanning North America, Western Europe and the Balkans. Our pre-clinical program provides intensive instruction, yielding confident medical students that are prepared for the real world clinical environment.

Students who have successfully completed pre-clinical studies have the option of continuing their medical education in the Bosnia and Herzegovina in various government and privately operated facilities. This provides regional experience for medical students wishing to practice in this vicinity not willing to pursue practice licensure in Western Europe or North America. Students also have the option to proceed with medical clerkship in the USA, where they will be able to attune medical knowledge and become familiar with practices in a dedicated metropolitan teaching hospital. This enables invaluable experience on the global scale and advances perspective with regards to international medical practice. More information about clerkship opportunities in Europe and North America can be ascertained in our page dedicated to Affiliated Institutions.

Our professors are Medical Doctors merited by numerous qualifications and publications. This team of instructing professionals has been assembled from an array of environments extending from regions of Eastern Europe, Western Europe and North America. This is essential for providing students with global perspectives on medical knowledge as practices differ across political boundaries.

The Dean of Medicine Dr. Zoran Kalinic.

Prof. Selma Uzunovic, MD, MA, PhD is our Vice Dean of Medicine with numerous works in respected medical journals such as Clinical Microbiology and Infection, International Journal of Food Microbiology, Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, and the Journal of Clinical Microbiology. Our Vice Dean of Medicine is also a member of numerous medical organizations; EARSS, ESCMID and EUCAST are just a few of the professional organizations that Prof. Selma Uzunovic, MD, MA, PhD is affiliated with.

ANU is licensed by the ministry of higher education of Bosnia and Herzegovina to admit students and operate as an institution in medical education for cycles resulting in MD, MSc and PhD degrees. Currently ANU is pending IMED registration with FAIMER, and is in the process of registration with the World Health Organization (WHO) as a medical teaching institution.