American Northwest University’s School of Information Technology offers a technology-integrated academic foundation that prepares students for the challenges of our ever-changing global society. We use technology to drive teaching, learning and creating opportunities for students to graduate among the top of a very competitive industry. We offer courses that give students a technological edge in their future.

Computers and Information technology permeates all aspects of business and social life. Here at American Northwest University, they are central to solving many of the persisting challenges facing society and are capable of positively impacting the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Our professionals and researchers work to find innovative solutions, build scalable infrastructure, develop new products, manage data, improve efficiencies and facilitate communication. With a computational perspective on problem solving, designing systems and understanding human behavior, we can apply these ideas and techniques to a number of disciplines including business, engineering, natural and social sciences.

Information technology professionals create and manage business applications, websites, systems and the IT environment for organizations. Drawing upon computer science and information systems, it involves the study of computers and the programs that run on them as well as the creation of computer systems that satisfy individual and organizational needs.