Clinical Rotation

Upon completion of the campus-based curriculum requirements for the M.D. Program, students have the option to obtain clinical rotation either in Bosnia & Herzegovina, or in the United States.

Clinical practice is where students are introduced to the clinical field of medicine, and are expected to apply knowledge in a practical manner. Additionally, they will learn standard protocols, decision-trees of diagnosis and management, as well as therapeutic standards and protocols. This clerkship requires completion of core practices in various hospitals and health clinics, instituting a variety of settings to expand student experience. Students will be required to complete mandatory rotations in courses such as Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatric Medicine, Neurology and others while having the option to decide between elective rotations for which students will focus the possibility of further specialization.

Students opting for medical clerkship in the United States of America will have an unprecedented spectrum of opportunities to further their medical careers, especially when paralleled to other European medical schools. As per the standards of the ANU School of Medicine, all students will be required to complete the USMLE Step 1 exam for graduation regardless of pursuance of medical clerkship in the USA. Therefore, it encouraged of our Medical Students to explore their options with medical clerkships in the USA.

Students will be required to perform in the hospital setting through an intensive clerkship program, rotating through 6 core clerkships and a minimum of 24 weeks of elective clerkships. The core rotations include Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatric Medicine, Family Practice, Psychiatry and OB/GYNE. The length of our core rotations allows for considerably more exposure and learning surface area in each specialty as compared to high-ranking US Medical Schools. This presents an unprecedented experience for medical students wishing to forward their abilities and clinical knowledge in a more practical and workplace setting as opposed to classroom review. Additionally, this presents the opportunity to collaborate with North American medical students and establish a career in the USA.